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Terje Isungset: Ice Music

Forces of Nature #1

Our open-air concerts in January promise to be a spectacular experience – featuring instruments made of ice, they are also destined to become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even in a purely practical sense: After all, the actual instruments and ice landscape will be carved directly from ice on site. A one-off extravaganza that's not to be missed. 

The Ice Music concerts will not only pay a musical homage to the power of nature, but also have an even deeper meaning, offering us a timely wake-up call about climate change and sustainability. 

In the middle of January, the whiteBOX will literally be on top of the Werksviertel world to present an open-air spectacle in the depths of winter at the "München Hoch5" rooftop location: the Ice Music Festival by and with Terje Isungset from Geilo in Norway. The artist will give a total of four concerts, featuring different musicians, during the festival. The troupe will bring along their own instruments, made from naturally formed ice, to Munich. Other instruments for the Ice Music concerts will be carved from ice on site. Not only that, but the Swiss sculptor Eric Mutel will erect an impressive sculptural landscape of glistening clear ice on the roof of the WERK3 building. 

More than just music, the Ice Concerts are also about raising awareness for the vulnerability and volatility of our natural world. As a member of the audience, you will be sitting in the midst of an icy backdrop, while humanity as a whole sits on thin ice. As they melt directly before our eyes, the ice crystals will be reminiscent of the fragility of our habitat. And the audience will feel at one with this force of nature: by listening, seeing, feeling – and understanding. 

>> Terje Isungset

>> Ice Music

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Between Music AQUASONIC

Forces of Nature #2

The second production of the "Klingende Naturgewalten" (Melodious forces of nature) special focus programme also revolves around the element of water. But this time it won't be frozen, but in liquid form, acting as the soundscape for the artists and their music: Hailing from Denmark, the "Between Music" ensemble will present their Aquasonic show, performed fully underwater. Submerged in water tanks with glass walls, the group's five musicians will leave you mesmerised as they sing and play on specially designed instruments. The whole concept is mind-boggling – yet the result is both melodic and moving in an otherworldly way. The audience can expect to be swept away by this gripping spectacle of acoustic and visual brilliance. 

>> Between Music - AquaSonic

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Out Of The Box Dance Night

Local Heros

The local music scene will take to the stage for the Out Of The Box Dance Night. By local we really mean local: The band "Organ Explosion", which will host the Dance Night, has its rehearsal room right here in the immediate vicinity of Werksviertel-Mitte. And they have invited their fellow music-makers from "Ark Noir" and "SLATEC" to join them for this party highlight featuring live club sounds. They promise to transform the Technikum into an all-night dance floor, based on the simple, yet tantalising, formula of: 1 floor + 3 bands = non-stop dance music! 

>> Organ Explosion
>> Ark Noir

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Digital Poetry #3

The PYANOOK production by Ralf Schmid is an expedition into hitherto unknown pianistic terrain. High-tech data gloves detect hand and finger movements, allowing the performers to control and morph sounds during the piano performance. PYANOOK – the futuristic piano recital in 4D – offers a foretaste of the music of tomorrow. Video projections and aerial sculptures from Pietro Cardarell interact with compositions and musical improvisations. Sound and movement seem to merge as if by magic. 

>> Ralf Schmid/PYANOOK

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Out Of The Box for Children

360° Music Education

Instilling an appreciation of music in children, teenagers and families is one of the festival's overriding missions – which explains why the Out Of The Box music mediation concept goes the extra mile. We therefore opted not to invite any established children's concerts as guest performances. Instead, the music mediator Martina Oberhauser was asked to develop a mediation programme geared specifically towards the Out Of The Box festival. To ensure that the music and individual programme focal points are accessible to all, special events for children and teenagers – but also for adults – will be held in conjunction with all the festival's productions. These will primarily focus on interacting with the musicians and joining in with the music-making. 

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